Monday, 2 June 2014

{yoga} urdva prasarita padasana

{yoga} urdva prasarita  padasana

how  to

1. Lie  on  your  back  on the mat
   (join your legs)

2. Stretch  your  arms  overhead
   (Both palms facing up)

3. Stick your  head, shoulders  and  arms  on the ground.

4. Raise your  legs   off  the  floor
   (at  30 degrees)
   (Stay  for  10 seconds)

5. Raise your  legs   higher   to  60 degrees
    (Stay  for 10 seconds)

6.Raise your legs  to 90 degrees
    (Stay  for  15 seconds)

7.Lower your legs  slowly
   (Stay  for  10 seconds  at  60 degrees  and 30 degrees)

8. Finally,  place your legs  on the floor

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