Friday, 16 May 2014

{easy yoga} shoulder stand pose

{easy yoga} shoulder stand  pose


1.The thyroid  is massaged  and  regulated.
   (While the  chin  is  pressing  on the  throat, thyroid gland
    is  affected better)

2. This  pose  helps  to keep  spine  elastic  and  strong.

3.  The  throat  region  is  strengthened.

4. Practicing  this pose  helps  to  maintain  smooth  skin.

4. It  is  one  of  the  therapies  about  insomnia  and  depression.

How  to

1. Lie  on  your  back  and  feet  together

2. Inhale  and  raise  the  legs  up  to an  angle  of  90 degrees.
   (both  hands  flat  on the floor, palms  on the floor)

3. Lift  the  hip   and   support  the  back  with your  hands.

4. Straighten  the body, keep  the  knees  straight  and  feet together

5. Stay  this  pose  for  30 seconds.

6. Coming  out  of  this  pose
    (Lower  the  legs and feet   to the  45 degrees  over the head)
    (Put your hands  on the floor  )
    (Slowly  lower  your  trunk  and  relax)