Friday, 16 May 2014

{easy yoga} plough (plow) pose -for insomnia

{easy yoga}   plough (plow)  pose

Plough pose (Halasana)


1. Plow  pose  makes   posture  correct  because  the  spine
    are  stretched.

2. Plow pose  relieves  the  constipation  and  the  indigestion.

3. People who  suffer from  insomnia  will  be  a  good  result
    after  practicing   plow pose

How  to

1.  Start  at  "shoulder stand" pose

If  you    want  to  study  shoulder stand  before  plow  pose,
click -  Yoga-shoulder stand pose

2. Drop  your  both feet  to  the floor  behind  the  head

3. Put  your  both  hands  flat  on the  floor, palms  on the floor.

4. Keep  the  knees  straight (Do not  bend)

5. Point   both  toes  towards  the  head and  heels  towards the floor

6. Stay  this  pose for  30 seconds  to  2 minutes.

  --Coming  out  this   pose---

7. Bring  your  both hands  on  the floor  behind  the  shoulder

8. Raise  your  feet  off  the floor

9. Relax