Friday, 16 May 2014

{easy yoga} Triangle pose- traditional yoga

Yoga- Triangle  pose

traditional  yoga


1. tones  the  spinal  nerves

2. tones  the hips , thighs, and  legs.

3.tones  the abdominal  organs

How  to

1. Stand  erect  and  
     put  your  feet  a  bit  more than  shoulder width apart.
   (You don't have to turn  your  feet  in  traditional  yoga)

2. Inhale  and   raise  your  right  arm  up  straight
    over  your  head.
    (You can  feel  someone  is pulling  your  arm  to the sky,
      it's  like  pulling  up  from  your  waist.)

3. Exhale  and  bend  to  the   left

4. While  you're  bending to the  left side,
      slide  the  left  arm  down .

5. Inhale  and  back to the center  

6. Stay  this pose  for  30 seconds.

7. Inhale  and  return  to  standing  pose.

8. Repeat  the  opposite  direction.