Saturday, 24 May 2014

{easy yoga} camel pose to lift butt

{easy  yoga} camel pose


1. Tones  the hip

2. Helps  to lift  the drooped  butt

3. Reduces  the  shoulder  discomfort.

How  to

1. Sit  on  your  heels and  lift  your  trunk, then
   spread  the  knees  at  the  pelvis width.

2. Bring  your  hands  on the  back of the waist,
    exhale  and  bend  your  upper body  slowly.

3. Bend  your  spine  while  your  head  back,
  (Remember  tighten  the  sphincter  muscle  while  pushing
   the  chest and  belly.)

4. Grasp  your  toes  with  thumbs.
  (Breathe  for 30 seconds)

5. Raise  your upper body  supporting  the  waist 
   with hands.
   (Support   the  right waist  with right hand, and  the  left waist
    with left hand)

6. Back to normal , and breathe gently.