Saturday, 24 May 2014

{easy yoga} downward dog for attractive calves

{easy yoga} downward  dog

 illust  by- Irina Kerasoshvili,

1. Stretches  the  thighs  and  calves.
2. Reduces  the fatigue  of  neck and shoulder.
3. Corrects  the  ankles and toes.

downward dog (for beginner)

1. Stand erect , inhale and
    raise your arms to the chest height (stretch)

2. Exhale and
    bend your upper body and touch both palms on the floor
    (Don't bend the legs)

3. Bend  your knees   to  step  backward
    then  stretch your  legs  and arms.
    Stay  this pose  for  30 seconds.
    Breathe  gently.

4. Inhale  and  back to normal