Sunday, 4 May 2014

Detox-juice- Carrot&grapefruit juice, beet & pomegranate juice

 Carrot&grapefruit  juice, 
 beet & pomegranate juice

1) Carrot and  grapefruit juice

   Juice  for  lunch time

    If  you drink  carrot and  grapefruit   juice,  you will  get an energy
    to  resist  to want   to  eat  a  carbohydrate like a  bread, donuts,
    cake  when  you are very tired.
    Beside, it  will  control  your  appetite.

2) Beet  and  pomegranate  juice

  Juice  for  dinner time

  Beet  is  effective  in preventing  anemia  and  also  beet and     pomegranate
  has  plenty of  nutrient.
  So  When  you lose your  vigor  because  you cut down  on your food 
   to lose  weight,  this juice will  help  you  to  regain  the  vitality.