Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Yoga - relaxation after posture


Relaxation  after  
practicing  a  posture

Don't  miss  a  relaxation .
(Student  need  a  relaxation  for  about 10 minutes  after  1  posture)

How  to  do  a  relaxation

1) Foot and  Leg

  Lift  a  right  foot  at least  2~3 cm  from the floor

  Hold  on this pose  for  30 seconds   to  give  tension

  Slowly  drop  a  right foot

  (Repeat a left foot)

2) Hand and Arm

   Raise a  right  hand   2~3 cm  from the floor

   Make a fist and give a tension  

   Drop  a  right hand  and  give a tension again.

  (Repeat  a  left hand)

3) Buttocks

  Tighten  a  buttocks  and  lift  it  a bit

  Lower  a   hip  slightly  and  relax


  Pull  a shoulder  to the neck

 Release  and  relax