Tuesday, 18 February 2014

[topography] Changing interior decoration to bring a luck


Changing interior decoration to bring  a luck

Kitchen  for  money and financial  income

A  dining table -  keep off  a  wall 

A  gas range  -  the  east side 

A microwave oven - the east side

lightning- odd number (1,2,3)

Bathroom  for health

bathtub. wash stand, toilet  -  bright color 

towel  -white, yellow color

bathroom mirror  - always cleaned

Bedroom  for career 

Bedroom  is   not only  place for  health  but also for   career.

So   graceful  and  simple  decoration   is  important.

A  dressing table -  near a door  or  near a  window

Don't  put in  home electronics  like  TV  or  Radio.

Don't put in a  bookshelf  even though  your hobby is  reading
a book. ( Bedroom is not a library.)

Don't put in huge size furniture like  a piano  and so on.