Friday, 21 February 2014

A bedroom interior to bring a good luck

A bedroom interior
        to  bring a good luck

[1] A  mirror

  A place of mirror  is very important  in the bedroom.

  It's   not  a  good idea  to  decorate  " A mirror  faces  a  bed  each other.'

  If  you  look at  yourself  in the mirror,  a  good energy  to be absorbed into
  your body  will  disappear  because  the mirror  reflects  good energy.

[2] Avoid  a  stuff  reminding of a darkness

 Don't  set  a  stuff  reminded  of    a  darkness  on the bed.

Maybe  many parents  prefer  to  decorate  a  bedroom  with a doll
by reason of  most of kids  like  a doll

But  things  like a doll  or an antique  are  connected  to a darkness
when you sleep  according  to feng-shui