Wednesday, 5 February 2014

want to keep a moist face in a hot bath tub

Every  doctor says,  one of the worst thing
 for your skin is taking a  hot bath.

But sometimes 
 you  really  need  to  relax in hot bath tub
when you are very tired 
or have a sore muscle after work.

So here's  a  tip  for you  
(but this is  unproven tip)

1. Before you take a hot bath,
    drink a  water
    (When you have  a  hot  bath, 
      you will be taken away  the water of your skin,
     so  drinking water helps for you to supply moisture)

2. Prepare  "water mask" on your face
   (When you are in the bath, Put the mask on your face,
    this will  protect  your skin.
    This is very simple, just put  it on your face 
     , close your eyes and  relax.)

3. Apply  "water cream" or "water essence"  
    on your face and neck
  (If you feel  uncomfortable with  sheet mask, place 
   water cream or water mask  close to the bathtub
   and  apply  it on your face  in the  bathtub
   and Relax)