Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fast way to gain weight ( Avoid if you're on a diet)

             Fast way  to gain weight !!!

  A  few  month ago,  a  woman  who  reduce her weight  
  describes when  she used  to be an obesity.

  According to her,  gaining weight is very  easy  and
 a small  bad habit  makes us grow weight.

 This is  some  bad  eating habits  to  gain weight

1.   Eat   fruit  instantly  after lunch or dinner
     (Maybe  fruits  is a kind of  recommended  dessert,
      but  eating  it immediately after mealtime  is not good for the weight           loss.
     To  eat  fruit, wait  for 40 minutes  to  1 hour  after meal.
     It  will help  to  lose  weight .)

2. Eat sweetie  instantly after  eat  "salty food"

   This is a definite  way  to gain  weight.
    Avoid   sweetie (sort of  chocolate, ice cream, cookie, candy) 
    instantly after  "salty food"    if you're on a diet.

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