Saturday, 1 February 2014

Calorie of " Fast & Delicious Food"

Calorie of  " Fast & Delicious  Food" 

burger - 343 kcal
 Calorie of burger  is  different  depend on "type of  burger"
 This is  an  average  calorie of  burger

pizza  - 250kcal  for  1 piece
  Remember , 250kcal for just one pieces.
  But most of people enjoy more than 1

popcorn - 420kcal  for 100g
  You know,  you always  want coke  if you eat popcorn

Coke  - 100kcal

fried chicken - 210 kcal  for  1 piece
   Don't confuse !!
   This calorie is about  1 pieces of  a  fried chicken
   Commonly, people tend to try  more than  1 piece
   Besides, fried chicken and coke or  fried chicken and a beer is well-matched

Meat ball  -60kcal for 1 medium

Beer  - 185kcal for 500ml
  Drinking  an  alcohol  is  not only  bad for health, but too much calorie for
  your shape

a bit of chocolate donut  - 281 kcal
   Coffee  and  donut !!

a piece of  cake - 244kcal

ice cream  dessert - 315kcal

capuccino -124kcal

capuccino  is less calorie than  cafe mocha