Friday, 24 January 2014

As if cleansing is more important than applying make-up

As if  cleansing is more important
 than applying make-up,
relaxing  is  more  important than  practicing  in  yoga class.

You need  to  practice  a  "savasana (corpse pose)"
  after  1 pose  practiced
even though  it is  very  easy  pose  in  yoga class.

Just  because  the  posture is  very easy  and  for  beginners 
doesn't mean  it   doesn't hurt  your  joints.

So warm-up and  relax  is  very  important
 more than anything else
 to  protect  your  body and  to prevent  an injury.

But  people who  lives in  city   is always busy  and   urgent
,so  they  have  no  composure  to take a rest in  yoga class.

They   thinks  that   practicing  relax  posture
 is  a waste of time   in yoga class,
so they  only   want  movement  to burn  calorie  consecutively  
without   savasana.

and  they  believe  it  will  make a progress  in a short time.

Yes,  it  might   be  economical  as  a  time and  money  for 
a  very  busy people  to  skip  warm-up and  relax session.

But  judging  about it  objectively,
    it  cannot  be  economical  at all .

Because  more money and  more time   they  will  spend
to  recover  their  body   in the future.