Friday, 21 February 2014

Home interior to decorate to be rich

[1] front door 

A  place  to come  " good luck ' or "good wealth"   in the house 
would be a  front  door.

If  it  will  be  a  messy or dirty, good luck  will  be  run away.

So  a  front door  should  be  cleaned  and  be bright
as  possible as you can  to  come more easily  for  a goddess of wealth
to your house.

[2] bedroom

A  lighting of  a  bedroom   suggests  to  decorate  not  to  be  too much

Using  an  indirect  illumination  would be more better than  direct illumination.

[3] living room

The brightness  of  an  electric  bulb  in living room  should be
more brighter than  a  bedroom.

A  color  of  a  curtain  is  recommended  to use  a  light color
to give  calm and relax.

And  also  a  color  scheme  of a furniture  is better  to choose
a  light and bright