Saturday, 14 December 2013

Yoga Mermaid pose - one legged king pigeon pose

 Mermaid pose - one legged king pigeon pose

Benefits for  your  body

: open your chest  and  lift your  bust
: stretch  shoulder, thigh , spine, belly  and hips

Do not !!!

  Do not  practice   if  you have a  problem with shoulder, knee and  ankle.

  As well as,  Never try if you have a  high or  low blood pressure,
  and  if you have a problem with a  heart disease

How to 

1. start with a  1  legged  pigeon pose(for beginner) : right leg forward

2. Put your hand  to your hip for your balance

3. Bend your  left knee and bring your  left ankle toward  hip

4. Bring your left hand back and hold the foot

5. Breath normally

6. Bend your left elbow and touch it to your foot

7. Bend your right elbow

8. Grasp both hands

9. stay for  30 sec to  1 min.