Monday, 16 December 2013

{Locust pose} yoga pose for fatigue, digestive disorder

Locust pose ( it  is called  Salabhasana  in sanscrit language)

Benefits for therapy

When you  feel  tired  like  losing  every energy, this pose  will
bring you a  vitality.

Having a little trouble with your  digestion,  practice this pose.

Benefits for your body

  strengthen  your  spine
  toning  your  arms and  legs 

How  to

1. Lie on  your belly  on the yoga mat.
  (both arms  stretched  alongside your body, palms upward &
  forehead on the floor)

2. Exhale and lift your head, upperbody, arms, legs.
  (belly and pelvic area  on the floor)

3. Lift your arms and  stretch

4.Raise your head  or  look straight

5. Stay for 30 sec  to 1 min.

6. Exhale and  release  this pose.