Thursday, 12 December 2013

about spa therapy

The  origin  of  a  spa

Spa is  originated  from  the  roman  soldiers  who  need  to  recover their  strength,
engaging in a battle  makes their body  to  lose  much  energy.

so they  used  to take  a  warm bath  to  heal  their  body and  mind.

Spa  helps to relieve a stress and  recover physically  tired body
because  it  softens  muscle and  reduces  muscle pain.

Spa  for  woman

If   you suffers from  cold hands and feet, spa  will  solve   your problem
also, it  will help  prevent  aging  and  keep your  youth  to  stimulate
a  metabolism.

and  spa  will  make a  body  to   people  who  are on a diet