Wednesday, 11 December 2013

three relaxations

According to  india  yoga  , there are  3  relaxations  to  need  to  a  human being,

1. physical  relaxation
2. mental  relaxation
3. spiritual  relaxation

If  you  are  still  fatigue   even if  you took  a  rest  and  slept last  night,
maybe  you  only  take  a  physical  relaxation, but  you  don't care
mental  relaxation.

You  always  want  to  sleep,  but  your  brain  don't  stop , so you couldn't sleep well.
But  it's  not  easy  to  take  a  mental  relaxation

You  just  need  cozy  bed   and   blanket    if you  want  a  physical  relaxation,
but  I have to say  about  mental  relaxation,  you  need  more than that.
besides, in spite of  all  your  efforts, maybe  it  could  be  beyond  you.

so  it's very  difficult,  but  never  give up   and  hold  on to your  hope.
You can overcome  all  your  difficulties  to  practice  yoga asana
and  meditate.

But if   you won't   be   able   to  afford  to  go  to a  yoga class,
you can  practice  it  at  home  or  just  listen  to  yoga,  meditation  or classical  music.