Sunday, 29 June 2014

[relax] Place I'd like to stay in Japan

[relax]  Place I'd  like to stay  in  Japan


  Temple,  Kyoto , Japan

Suzumushi temple, takiguchi temple

Beautiful  decoration~

This place  reminds me  of  my  hometown  when I was  a  kid  even if
I  didn't grow up  in  Japan.

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I wanna  have  a  temple  vacation  for  my  mindfulness.

Indian  food  in   Saitama
There are some indian food  restaurant  in  Japan, but  I  didn't have a
chance to try  it,  so  I  hope  I  can  try  it  next time visit.

                   Japanese food  in  Palace hotel, Saitama

                                     Otome sushi- ishikawa

This  sushi  is  so artificial !!!



Park  Hyatt hotel

                           Food  at  Park, Hyatt , Tokyo

SO  pretty and  delicious~~ I  really  want  this  so badly...

Tendon  at  Kozue,  Park Hyatt  Tokyo

Sushi Asao, Tsukishima, Tokyo

Hyatt  Regency hotel
Regency  club room  at Hyatt  Regency, Tokyo