Monday, 30 June 2014

[food] 파프리카 볶음밥(paprika fried rice), 물김치(water kimchi)

  파프리카 볶음밥  ( Paprika   fried  rice), 물김치 (water kimchi)


Paprika  fried rice


paprica, kimchi, steamed rice  or  boiled rice, black seasame, salt 

How  to cook

1. Chop  the  paparika, and  kimchi

2. Put oil (olive oil  or  grape seed  oul) in the frying  pan
over medium heat.

3. Put  the kimch  in the prying pan  and  stir  fry  for  1 minutes.

4. Then add  paprika and steamed rice  and  stir  for  2~3 minutes
(Seasoning  with  salt  is  your  option)

5. Now  enjoy yourself

You can  eat  water kimchi  as  a  side-dish.