Wednesday, 25 June 2014

{food} 콩비지찌게- Korean soy-soup

{food} 콩비지찌게-  Korean  soy-soup


beans, kimchi,  salt : option

but  you don't have to use  salt  because  there are  salty  taste  in  kimchi
and  home made  kimchi  has   many ingredients  already.

Before  cooking

This  is  a  very  simple recipe  for people who are very busy or  beginners.

There are many  ingredients in the original  soy soup like   anchovy soup,
shrimp  liquid or  meat.

Moreover  soybeans  are  very nutritious food  without  any food  additives,
  all  you  need  for  soy soup  is  just  beans  and  kimchi.

So  cook  simply  and  try  pleasantly.

How to cook (Very Simple Style)

1) Soak  beans  in  water  for  30 minutes  to  1 hour.

2) Boil  the  beans  after  soaking  it  for about 1 hours.
   (and  stir  the  sediment of  beans  while  boiling.)

3) Put  the  beans  into a blender  and  blend  for  1~3 minutes.

4) Boil  the  soy liquid

5) Add   kimch  when  water  is  bubbling

6) This  is  a  korean soy soup, and  enjoy

You  can  eat  soy soup  with  rice