Sunday, 25 May 2014

{easy yoga} warrior pose 1 -virabhadrasana1

{easy yoga} warrior pose 1 -virabhadrasana1



1. increase  the  stamina and  cure  respiratory  disease.

2. strengthens  the  shoulders and  back muscles.

3. lifts  the  butt  and  makes  hip  line  beautiful.

How  to

1. Stand in tadasana (or stand  erect)

2. Spread  your  legs  at  shoulder width  apart,
  and  raise your  arms  over the side
  (Toes  pointing forward)

3. Turn your palms up, and raise your  arms.
    Touch your  palms over the head   and  keep  the elbow straight

4. Turn the right foot  out (90 degrees),
     and  bring  the left foot  in.(45 degrees)

5. Turn your upper body  to the right,
    bend  your  right knee   and  look up  at  the  finger.

6. Stay  in  this  pose  for  20 seconds
    Breathe  gently

7. Lower  your  head, then  come  out  of this pose.

8. And  practice  this  pose  on the left side