Wednesday, 14 May 2014

{advanced} supine hero pose

Benefit  of  supine hero pose

: asthma, headache, insomnia

How  to

1. Start  from  hero pose

2. Put  both hands  alongside  the pelvis

3. Breathing  out,  lie  your  upper body down  toward  the floor.

4. Shift  your  weight  to  your hands, elbows, and  upper arms.

5. Place  your hands  on  the  back of the pelvis  when  you  are
   lying down.

6. Lie  down  pushing  toward  the the tailbone  and  relax your  hip.

  (If you feel  uncomfortable  when  you lie down on the floor,
   blanket  or  sitting cushion  will  support  you.)

7. Stay  this  pose for  30 seconds and  1 minutes.