Sunday, 27 April 2014

{easy-yoga} Cobra- Yoga for back pain and fat belly-cobra pose

Yoga for back pain and fat belly
                -cobra pose

How  to

1. Place the feet together and  forehead on the floor

2.Inhale, Raise  the forehead and then  lift the nose off the floor

3. Lift the chin 

4.Push the chin forward  to the ceiling and roll  the upper body up and back
 (Remember that  lower body on the ground and don't move!)


 For  beginners
  -Hold this pose for 10 seconds.

For advanced 
  -Hold this pose for 1 minute.

*To come out*

  -Inhale  and  Back to normal  

  -Lower  the head and exhale

  -Slowly  lower  the upper body  to the ground

  -Lower the chin, nose  and head  to the floor