Wednesday, 30 April 2014

{easy-yoga} Cat-cow pose for frozen shoulder

{Yoga} Cat-cow pose  for frozen shoulder


1. helps  to  tone  the  spine  and  back

2. helps to  frozen shoulder

3. effective   for  indigestion

How to

1. Place  your  hands and  knees  on the  floor
   (make   a  table  with  a  body)
  (your  hands  and  knees  apart  at  the  shoulder width)

2. Inhale  and  lower  your  waist
   (Raise your  head)

3. Exhale  and  hang down your head.
    Pull   your  waist to the sky

4. Back  to normal
   Place  your  hands and  knees  on the  floor
   (make   a  table  with  a  body)