Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mood of Yin for calm and relax

Yin's  space  is  a breath  to  be  serenity  and 
 a  place   reaching   to   the   peace.

Yin's   space  helps  for  you   to  relax  and  to be comfortable.

People  can  Yin's mood   at  quiet   and  holy  place  like

church  or  museum.

If  you  want  to   feel  Yin's   mood  for   inner   peace   at  home,
making  a  change  in  your  life  comes  first.

Decorating   interior  for  Yin   your  bedroom  or living room
is  one  of   way  to  go  to  mood  of   Yin.

Interior tips  for  yin's mood

1. Choose  a pillow  which  color  is  bright  pastel  tone.

2. Paint  or paper  wall  in  achromatous  color  in bedroom  or living room.

3.Turn on the  dim  or  glimmer   light  in living room.
   (or  set  up  a  colored  bulb.)

4. Choose  a  blanket  which  color is  toned down  than  a   bed cover.