Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Important things for traditional yoga practice

Important things  for  
  traditional  yoga   practice

These are  for  traditional yoga practice.  
If  you want  to practice  modern style yoga,
can be  more  flexible.

1) time
   Practice  regularly  everyday

  Practice  twice  in the morning and evening  before taking a meal

 2) Food

  Practicing  yoga  on  an empty stomach is  better

  Avoid  eating  before  an  hour  at least

3) How to wear

   Wear  a  loose and  comfortable  clothes 

   Don't  wear  a  watch  or  an accessory  during  the practice

   Barefoot is better than shoes  or   socks   in  yoga practice

4) The rest

   Practicing  yoga  on  a  blanket  or  a  carpet  is  more effective
   than  yoga mat  for  a  traditional  yoga

   What  you remember  is   keeping  your  body  warm 

   Enjoy  yoga  the outside  if   it's  warm  day