Saturday, 26 April 2014

Color and Diet-feng suii interior

{Feng-suii} Interior- Color and diet

[1] Which color  does make  people eat  slow?

  Blue color  makes people eat slowly.
  It  makes sense that  many fast food  restaurants don't use
  blue in decorating  interior because  blue color calls for  speed
  more  slowly when  their  guest  are eating.

  Color  interior tip   for  weight loss

 Decorate your dining room  blue color  and also
 use the dishes or glasses  containing blue.

[2] Which  color  does raise impulse  people eat fast?

  Red color  is  too  impulsive  to  diet.
  It  is  active and exciting  that  stimulates an  activity
  when  you are eating.
  That's why  many fast food restaurants  use  red  in decorating

  Color interior tip  for  weight loss

Do not  use  red pattern  wallpaper   in your dining room

Do not  use  a plate  made by  rosewood  or mahogany 
consists of  red color.