Monday, 7 April 2014

3 Food type of India yoga

3 Food   type  of  India yoga 


 These are  foods from  viewpoint of Indian  traditional  yoga, so  people can have
 different  points of view  depending  on  where they  live in or how they work..
 and so  on.

 {1} Food  of  sattva(purity) 

Sattva  is  a  compatible  food  for  yogi  or  people  who practice yoga.
It provides  nutrition  for  body  and  helps to make  an inner peace
It  develops power of  latent  and  fills  full  of  energy to body and soul.

  Example of  sattva food

Grain, cereal, fresh fruit, vegetable, fruit juice, milk, butter, cheese
bean, seed, honey, tea tree

{2}Food of Rajas(emotion,action)

Rajas breaks a balance between  body and  mind, and  it  stirs the blood
Also  it  creates  an air  of anxiety  and  always  gets  antsy.

   Example  of  rajas food

Coffe, tea, fish, egg, salk, chocolate, hot food, strong spicy food
Food  habits of  eating  very fast

{3}Food  of Tamas(darkness)

  Harmful  food  to  body and  mind
  Reduces  a  level of  immunity  about  disease
  Gets  gloomy  feeling  

Example of  tamas food

meat, alcohol, cigar, onion, garlic, pepper, vinegar, fermented food

(However, according to oriental  medicine, onion,garlic,vinegar and
 fermented food  is  good for health.
 so  people can accept  differently   depending  on  a situation,
 but  too much eating is also harmful.)

Fruit isn't fresh, habits eating too much