Saturday, 8 February 2014

[interior] Choose a good bed for your health

A bed and  a  backbone health

A  proper bed  for your  body type  helps  to  relax  a  tired muscle
and  a  backbone,  while  an incorrect bed  becomes  a  causes
of  a  sore  back pain.

The  best  bed for your  health is  not  expensive  bed,
it is  a   suitable  bed  for your body type.
so  you should choose  an optimal  bed and furnitur

Choose  a  mattress  for  your body type

1) mattress  has   4 different  level zone,  so  select  the  best for you
    : Level  zone  of  mattress
     {1}  ultra  soft
     {2}  soft   -  choose  if  you have a spine or back  problem
     {3}  hard 
     {4}   extra  hard

2) Bad  mattress

   : Bad  mattress 1  =  You  can  feel   the spring  when you
                                       sit  or  lie  on the mattress