Monday, 17 February 2014

anyone can do yoga- Yoga and our life

Anyone can  do yoga

Anyone  can  do yoga. 
And  also  when you do yoga, you don't need  to be stylish
or to be luxury.

What  you just need  for yoga  is  a  small  space,
 a  mind  to  be healthy  and  a hope  to live a happy life


Yoga asana  helps to form  the organization of human body
to  stimulate and lengthen the muscle and  correct  a spine and
a joints.

Yoga  and  health

Many people  wants  to  be healthy  through a  yoga.

Someone ask for  cure  their  disease, anxiety, headache and so on.

Yoga can be a  tool  of  solution  to them   and  can be much more.

Practicing yoga  steadily  can  maintain our health 

without  a  medicine.