Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A small habits for anti-aging

A  small  habits  for  anti-aging

1. Drink well

    -Drink water everyday  

     (Drinking water everyday  instead of  coffee,soda
       helps  to  supply  a moisture  for our body.)

   - Drink  detox water

     (Making detox water is very simple. 
     Just prepare water and fruit  like  a  lemon, lime, orange.
     Drink  detox water in place of  soda or a fizzy drink

2. Sleep well

    Deep sleep  helps to recover from fatigue
    Especially  you'd better  fall asleep  at  10 ~11 o'clock  at night
    for  your  skin

    (But  if you  should sleep in the morning  because of work,
     draw  a curtain  that  color is very dark)

3. Eat  well

     Avoid  fast food ( 1~2 for a week is okay), but eating fast food everyday
     or  frequently  makes our body  unhealthy  and  becomes fat.

     Vegetables, fruits, meals  and  seaweeds, and  fishes  are  recommended
      foods  for our  anti-aging.