Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Triangle pose for thigh & belly

Triangle pose

If you want to have  a   toned  thigh and   belly,
this pose  will  help you

How  to

1. stand  erect

2.Exhale and spread your feet shoulder distance aprt

3. both arms stretches outside

4. Rotate your left foot  to the right side,
turn your right foot  to the right of 90 degree

5. Exhale and  lean your torso to the right

6. Drop your right hand to the right shin,
or in front of your feet

7. Raise your left arm to the sky

8 . Look at  your  left  hand

9. Stay for 30 sec.  to 1 min.

10. Inhale and  back to normal

11. Repeate  the opposite direction.