Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mind control for tournament : Yoga for sports

If you are a player  who  is  exercising  for match 
you might agree  that  trying  conclusions  is   very smaller
than you expected.

Clearly  you  were doing more better  when you're practicing.
but  a  decisive moment   you always  make a mistake

Maybe  that can be your ability  or  limit.
But  a buried reason may be
you can't control yourself  ,  can't rule your mind
 can't concentrate and  think too much when you
play a game.

This bring out an anxiety,nerve and pressure
to  make a mistake without showing  what  you are

Just  because  what you move and exercising  doesn't meant  it's 
a sport,  it  demands  a  various  ability  contained 
"penetration", "concentration" "persistance" "fearless"
and  even "anticipation"

Of course   there may exist a player  who has  all
but  most of genius  is  made by   99% efforts

So  mental  training  is  very  important ,  not only   exercising
but  studying  various  subject , reading  many books
and  gaining  inspiratrion  by  arts  to increase
an intelligent and  spiritual  ability.

To increase  that ability, yoga and  meditation  is  necessary
 It  will  help  to  calm the  brain  and  control  mind
to  get  a  good  result  in  a  decisive moment.