Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bellydance: Hip side to side (to get slim waist)

               Belly dance movement basic

                              -Hip side to side-


         1.  you can have a slender waist

        2. you will maintain a toned belly


                    How to

        1.  stand erect & feet together

        2. Put your both hands  on  your  pelvic

        3. Bend your knees  gently

        4. Slide your  waist or upper body  to the right
             ( Never move your lower body when you  slide your waist
                  or upper body)

        5. Back to normal

       6. Slide your  waist or upper body to the left
           (You must  tuck  in  your  belly)

      7. Back to normal  and  stand erect