Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bad habit for your skin - Too much skin care

Skin care that most of woman are using  is 
toner, lotion, eye cream, essence, moisture cream and so on.

Moreover , if  a  woman  will  use  skin care for  whitening  or wrinkle,
it  will  be about  6~7 items.

What  woman  really want to know  is maybe " this skin care will be
absorbed  to  inner skin  indeed."

Answer is  " Of course Not ."

Most of skin care  can't go to inner skin.
If so, where  will  a  remaining  ingredient  go?  Nowhere..
It will  be  the  reason of troble  to block  the entrance of pore,
and  it  will  bother  breathing skin.

So a  wise way  to use skin care  is  making a decision  what  item
will  be aborbed to your skin 

For exampe,
you don't need to use  lotion and essence  at the same time
if your skin is  not  too  much  dry.

 If your face  is well- suited  for  lotion,   you can choose 
a lotion  instead of  an essence.

You  will   save  not  only  your  money, but  also
have smooth skin  as  a  wise  selection