Monday, 30 December 2013

Yoga-Camel pose

Yoga-Camel pose

Do  Not !!!!

If you are suffering from " high, low blood pressure"
"insomnia" , "headache",  do not  practice  this pose.

Suitable yoga pose  before  camel pose (preparing pose)

1. Cobra pose

2.locust pose
3.bridge pose

Benefits  of  Camel pose

fatigue, anxiety  disorder, menstrual  discomfort

How  to do  "Camel pose"

1. Kneel  on the mat
    (your knees  are  hip distance apart)

2. Put your both hands  on your back of pelvic area.
    (your  fingers  towards  the floor)

3. Lean your upperbody backward
   (your chin  tucks  towards  the chest)

4. Push your upperbody backward more and  grasp  your toes

5. Lengthen your spine  as if  you  are pulling it   from the  pelvic

6. Stay for 30  to 60 sec.

7. Release this pose, and  do  the  "child pose"