Saturday, 28 December 2013

{cobra pose} for toning buttocks

               Cobra yoga pose has so many  benefits  for  our body.
                  It corrects  bad posture and  helps to get a nice figure.
                   and  also  prevent  to all  sort of  disease.

Benefits  of  cobra pose

1. helps to reduce  stress and  fatigue.

2. cures  an asthma and  a sciatica

3. burns a fat belly  as  stimulating  abdominal organ.

4. tones  and firms  buttocks

5. strengthens  the spine

Do NOT !!!

Do not this pose if you have a headache or back injury.

How to do "cobra pose"

1. Lie on your belly on the mat

2.Put your hands on the floor besides your chest

3. Lift your upperbody  as a  sequence:

(at this time, put your pelvic area  on the ma and
lift your belly  off the floor)

4.Breathe normally

5.Lower  your upperbody  as a sequence