Sunday, 26 October 2014

[food] go to the buffet for vegetarians

Buffet  restaurant  for  vegetarians

I  had  special  lunch  today !

Many people  don't even  know  there's  a buffet restaurant  that  serves
vegetarian  dishes.

Dish  I  choose  (1)

Tofu,  Fried  tofu rice balls,  noodles, mountain herb and  citron,
leaf, seed and  nuts  with kiwi sauce

Dish  I choose (2)

sweet  pumpkin and red beans  salad,
leaf and sprout with  orange sauce, potato, beet salad and so on

In  particular,  I  love  this  salad (sweet pumpkin and red beans salad)

It  was  very  tasty, I wanna  try  again!!!