Tuesday, 19 August 2014

[food] Shrimp and vegetable pan cake (새우야채전)- Korean healthy food

새우 야채전   Shrimp  and  vegetable jeon 


1. shrimps (about 20)

2. vegetable water (1cup)
(Boil water with carrot, onion, spring onion)

3. vegetables
 spring onion or chives(leeks),  onions, 
bell peppers or paprika, carrots, zucchini

4. mineral water (1cup)

5.flour (1cup)

To cut down  carbohydrates,you have to use  1 cup of flour .
However , you can use 2 cups of flour if you want to.

  [1] Boil  shrimps  in  vegetable  water  for  2 minutes

        * vegetable water  :  You'd better use  vegetable water to avoid  salt in food
                                      (but you can use salt  if you are busy.)

  [2]Put  boiled  shrimps on the plate

  [3] Add  shrimp  on the vegetable mix

[4] Put  the flour  on the bowl

[5] Pour  1 cup of  vegetable water and shrimps

[6]Add  1 cup of   mineral water

[7] Mix  them with a spoon

[8] Oil  the frying pan  and  place  the  vegetable paste  on the pan

[9] Now  enjoy  it

For  the people  who can't  use  chopsticks

For the people who can  use  chopsticks