Monday, 4 August 2014

[Diary] organic acorn food restaurant - Korean food

           acorn  food  restaurant  ,  Kwang-ju, Kyounggi-do, South Korea

                 Organic farms  around   here

   They  use  100%  organic  vegetables  from  the farms,
and  never use  MSG.

             way  to  the  restaurant

     sprout  vegetable acorn  and  boiled rice

     10,000 won (about 10  dollars)

acorn  jeon (kind of  pancake)

7,000 won ( about  7 dollars)

acorn  jeon-byoung

12,000 won  (about  12 dollars)

I  don't have a recipe about it, but what I'm guessing  is..

Mix  the whole wheat  flour , acorn powder and water  to make paste.
Roast  it  on the frying pan.
And  put  the kimchi and  tofu  on the  paste.
Finally  roll  it~

This is a recipe  What  I  imagine   while  I'm eating  acorn jeon-byung.

  acorn  cold  noodles

  9,000 won ( about  9 dollars)

 acorn  bibim  noodles

 9,000 won ( about  9 dollars)

acorn cookie and  capuccino