Thursday, 24 July 2014

[food] 청국장-Cheongkukjang for cancer prevention

청국장-Cheongkukjang -korean healthy food

Cheongkukjang  is  a  sort of   soybean  paste  made by  cooking the beans
till  they are  soft  and  then  fermenting them in warm place.

Benefits  of  Cheongkukjang

1.  cancer  prevention

2. prevent  cardiovascular disorders

3. effective in  preventing  osteoporosis

4. relieve  constipation

5. glowing skin

How  to  eat   cheongkukjang

You can  taste  cheongkukjang  for lunch  or dinner
with   cooked rice.

A  traditional  cheongkukjang  has   a  unique and stinking smell,
there're even  some Korean  people  who  can't  eat  it  at  all.

so  these days,  you  can  find   cheongkukjang  without smell  or
powder without smell.

Except  for that,  you will  get  many  information  about  recipes
to cook   cheonkukjang  without  smell.

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