Monday, 14 July 2014

[diet] diet plan and nutrition

Lunch (13:30~ 2:00)

Soy  milk - Apple- Plum

An apple a day keeps  a doctor away.

Plum  helps  to reduce  fatigue.

Soy milk added  walnut, almond and omega 3

But  I think  those  foods  are  not  enough to me, even if  I'm on a diet,
so   ate  another food  for lunch.

비빔국수(Bibim  noodles)
spicy noodle with  various vegetables
(lettuce, cucumber,broccoli, carrot)

and  spicy  pepper sauce.

Dinner (6: 15~ 6:30)

Very humble dinner  -alone

Zucchini and potato pepper soup

Boiled rice

Cucumber and  korean soybean paste

fried  anchovies

I  wanted  to  finish  today, but....

Now   early  evening, feel  so  starving..and  I'm taking..


(you can  cook  nooroong-ji
with boiled  rice.

So  delicious!!!

I'll  let  you know  about cooking
nooroongji  later.