Sunday, 8 June 2014

[yoga] utthita trikonasana

[yoga] utthita trikonasana 

utthita  - extended

trikona -triangle


1. Spine
   (improves  a  flexibility  of  the spine)

2. Shoulders
   ( Corrects   an  imbalance of the shoulder)

3, Indigestion
   (relieves  an  indigestion)

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How  to do

1. Stand  erect.

2. Spread  your  legs  to  the   shoulder distance apart.

3. Raise  your  arms  at  side away.

4.Turn your  right  foot  out  90 degrees  and  the  left foot  in.

5. Bend  your  upper body   to the right

6.Put  your  right  hand  on  your  right ankle

7.Stretch the left arm up  to the sky.
  (Look  up  at  your  left  hand  fingertips.)

8.Stay  this pose  10 seconds

9.Do  the pose  left side

   *Left side&
     Turn your  left  foot  out  90 degrees  and  the  right foot in.

10. Now  coming  up  and  relax