Monday, 23 June 2014

{Yoga} tadasana

Tadasana (Mountain pose)


1. Corrects  bad  posture

2. Straighten  the spine and back

How  to 

1.  Start from standing  straight  and  feet  together.

2. Raise  your  hands  slightly  while  your  palms  are facing  your thighs.

3. Tighten  all  sort of your body.

    (Tighten from  legs, knees , thighs,  and  elbows
      your  stomach should  be tucked in. 
    Do  not  move your neck.)

4. Open your chest  and  breathe  gently.

5. Stay  in this pose for  30 seconds.

6. Finally  release  your  body  and relax