Monday, 9 June 2014

{yoga} Sarvangasana -shoulder stand pose

{yoga} Sarvangasana (shoulder stand pose)


1. refreshes  the  body

2. helps  to solve  the  thyroid  problem.

How  to

1. Lie  in  your back

2. Bend your  knees, and  then  bring  it  toward  the  chest.

3.Lift  your  hips  and  legs off  the  floor.

4. Support  your  back  with your hands.

5.Straighten  your  legs.

6. Touch the back of your head, neck, shoulders, and upper arms
    on  the  floor.

7. Breathe gently and  stay  in  this pose for  1 minutes.

8. To  come out  sarvangasana,  bend  your knees and
    place  your  hips and  legs  on the floor.