Thursday, 5 June 2014

{yoga} Baddha Konasana 1 (Butterfly pose 1)

{yoga} Baddha Konasana 1 
    (Butterfly pose 1)

summer  point!!

For  woman  who  wants  to  tone  inner  thigh  to
wear  shorts  in  summer


1. sciatica

2. menstrual  discomfort

3. indigestion

4. fatigue

5. inner thigh

How  to

1. Start  from  sitting  in  dandasana 
   (Sit up  straight  and  straight  out  of  your  legs in front of you.)

2. Bend  your  knees  side   away  and
   hold  both  feet  and  ankles   with   your  hands.

3. Wrap  the  soles  of  your  feet  with  your  hands.

4.Bring  them  as  close  as  your  body  as  you  can

5. Keep  your  chest  open  and  straight,  and  shoulders back.

6. Touch  your  knees  to the floor.

7. Stay  this  pose  for 30 seconds.