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[relax] seychelles island

Seychelles islands

About  Seychelles(Republic of Seychelles)

Seychelles  is  an  islands  located  in  Indian ocean and  east of south  Africa.

Official  language is  French and  English.

Seychelles  islands has  tropical  and  long-year warm climates,
so you can enjoy your  vacation  anytime  you  visit.

Banyan tree, seychelle

Budget  for the  holiday

Air Seychelles flight (return) - 176(Euro)

Car  hire  per day - 40~55(Euro)

Bathroom of villa, Saint Anne Resort.
(It is located in  Saint Anne Island, 10 minutes boat riding  from  Mahe  Island.)

Budget for the holiday 2

Bottle of water - 1.00~1.69(retail),   1.60~6.54(hotel) -Euro

Constance Lemuria, Seychelles

credit  cards

Master card and visa card are accepted  in  shops  and  boutiques
ATM is  at  banks  at Mahe, Praslin , la Digue  and  at  the  airport.

Hilton  resort

Villa  , Seychelles

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