Friday, 27 June 2014

{food} healthy eating- homemade korean dinner

{food} healthy eating- korean dinner

Korean  healthy dinner

두부조림(  boiled  tofu)

Benefits of  Tofu (bean curd)

1. For weight loss

2. prevent   breast  cancer  and
    ovarian  cancer

3. prevent  heart disease and
    prostate disease

 오징어(squid, cuttlefish)


1. dementia   2. stomach ulcer

3. protect eye   4.  fatigue

Some people even  never try to taste because of  smell.
If you  want to remove  smell, use  red pepper.

Cucumber, pepper and 
 gochujang(pepper sauce)

Pepper  contains vitamin.
Cucumber helps  people who are
in a diet.

How to eat
Eat pepper with pepper sauce

After  eating  squid, then  add
pepper with  gochujang.

Fried egg